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Castillo Floor Care uses the best chemicals to disinfect your building, furniture, and space, to provide a safe 

environment for your needs

Castillo Floor Care Primary Standards

At Castillo Floor Care, we work hard to provide the best prices available, while still maintaining our high quality and standards used to restore your floors and make them look like new again. Please feel free to contact us 

and schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

Castillo Floor Care has over 20 years of experience providing premium quality services to all of South Texas. We continue to innovate and look for the best way to execute our services. We treat all of our clients with the same standards of quality needed to make your floors always look like new. 

With many other competitors out there, we know that you have multiple options. Castillo Floor Care works hard to go above and beyond. From our friendly and positive staff to our fundamental core beliefs, we make sure that we offer everything needed to be your best choice.

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